Human society exists in a spacial context, we tangibly and cognitively construct spaces: urban space, virtual space, cyber space, sacred space…’

-R.W Lake’

There is no such thing as neutral space.A space is transformed by and has a transformative effect on the thoughts,identities and actions of the people who occupy it.

Tamlyn Young works across a variety of visual media. Her practice documents the stories embedded in ‘inbetween’ spaces: both geographic and psychological. These liminal zones are sites of transition and migration. Neither Here nor There, they are occupied as a means of getting somewhere else or by those who have nowhere else to belong.

Her practice is inspired by ‘Psycho geography’: the study of socially constructed environments and their influence on an individual’s identity, behavior, emotions and thoughts.It involves the process of collecting, mapping and illustrating stories that form part of everyday life. Through her practice she aims to archive the ordinary, so woven into the fabric of the everyday that they are considered mundane and are usually overlooked.

Thoughts on Urban Spaces:

” The city is a state of mind, a body of customs, tradtions,memories and aspirations”- Manuel castells

The city is a living organism, constantly transforming . It is sustained through the (inter)actions, memories and aspirations of its inhabitants .I am particularly interested in urban spaces because they are man-made and reflect the ideologies and (his)stories of the people who occupy them. Constructed spaces comprise layers of history and memory. They are connected through concrete and virtual networks .The systems implemented in these spaces are an attempt to bring order and meaning to existence . Each individual establishes a personal relationship and purpose within this social organism where countless stories and trajectories intersect everyday. It is the sum of these individual narratives that give each city its character and idiosyncrasies.

I am interested in exploring the strategies people develop to mediate between binary spaces. These interfaces are particularly evident in the city where there is dynamic tension between Urban and Natural space, Global and Local space, Physical and Virtual space; between destinations (sites) and the routes/infrastructures that connect them. At the most fundamental level the individual must always mediate between the space occupied by the body and the space contained by the body, between the psychic and the physical.